Warcross Blog Review

I recently read a blog done by The Book Smugglers on the book Warcross written by Marie Lu and, I have to tell you, it makes me want to read this book! The blogger, Thea James, has a likeable personality and writes with a positive tone.

Thea James is well-organized and maintains a flow in her writing. At the beginning she quotes the book summary from Amazon. This is a good choice because it is the equivalent of reading the back of the book. She also includes a picture of the front of the book to add a visual component. Then she explains the book from her own perspective, retelling the events of the story in her own words. She begins her personal review by stating her overall opinion of the book. Next she goes into more detail explaining three things she enjoyed about the book followed by a few things that the author could have done differently. In her first point she explains the setting, the conflict in the book, and a similar real-world issue. She talks about how she likes the initiating force the author used to induce the main conflict (which in this case is an augmented reality video game called Warcross). In the next paragraph she delves into the characters in the book. Her opinion on the characters is made clear by the italicized words as in love or awesome. Finally, she explains the things she doesn’t like in the last paragraph. I appreciate that she includes both the positive and the negative aspects of the book because it tells me that she’s being honest. To finish it off, she adds a link to where the readers can buy the book so that they have the opportunity to read the book themselves. Throughout her writing she speaks in a warm and friendly tone, it makes me feel like we’ve already met and that she’s talking with me about this book.

While Thea’s blog is well-written, I would like more information on the author and the theme, as well as quotations from the book. Having a small biography of the author or other books written by the author would give the reader an idea about what kind of book it is, and whether or not they will enjoy it. This purpose could be further fulfilled by including the theme and purpose of the book. The audience can then reflect on these ideas in their own life and already have a feel for what this author is trying to tell them. I also feel that including direct quotes from the book would give validity to the blog post and give the reader an idea on the style and perspective the book is written in.

This blog post was a very effective and well written post. It has many features in it that sell the book. However, there are a few missing features which, if she had added, would round off the post and bring it closer to the real world. All things considered, this post fulfills its purpose of giving this book a good review, and making the reader want to read it…I sure do!


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